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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

It can’t just be me that finds Dads the most difficult people to buy for! What do they want? I always get the feeling they would just be content with a bit of peace and quiet, maybe a good book or sport on the telly, a decent cup of tea or a cold beer in hand; so what can you physically give them for Fathers Day?!

I have been creating bespoke gifts at my Etsy shop for a few years and I think I have some good ideas! For me a gift is only as valuable as the thought that goes behind it. Giving a gift that means something to you and tells a story of love and affection is what it’s all about!

My go-to-gift for men is cufflinks. The fact they are not worn everyday doesn’t make them impractical but special. We wear cufflinks on special occasions: Weddings, Events, Parties! In that moment when we feel properly dressed up and smart it is a real spark of joy to have that little flourish of personality on our wrists. Every time you look at those cufflinks is a reminder of that person, that moment and the story behind the giving of them.

With that in mind let me run through some of the options I have in the shop at the moment.


Has your child done a drawing of their father that you would like preserved? I absolutely love editing kids drawings into the perfect format to make beautiful and memorable cufflinks!


These designs come from the sentimental attachment between our first stories and the person who told us them! For me it was Winnie-the-Pooh, for my wife it was The Wind in the Willows, but whatever old book you associate with your dad these cufflinks are a great nostalgic gift. These cufflinks are made with recycled book pages all sourced from local charity shops.


Custom made dictionary definitions are a great way of saying all the things you want to say! Is your dad your hero? Is he a great shoulder for crying on? Is he an expert with a BBQ? Is he a bit of an idiot?! You can personalise these cufflink designs with your own words!


Do you and your dad have a favourite song that always reminds you of each other? Are there song lyrics you would use to tell him how you feel about him?

Maybe you share a significant place; a favourite holiday, your first home?

These are stylish, monochrome designs that subtly deliver your message!


Just because sometimes silliness wins!

Come over to the shop at for even more options! All my designs are also available as pendants, earrings and bracelets.

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