• Chris Sheridan

Great Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Mother's Day in the UK and Ireland is next Sunday 22nd March, and on Sunday 10th May across North America.

With these upcoming celebrations of the wonderful women who raised us I have put together a new range of products that will hopefully generate some great gift ideas.

I am very inspired by the quote "Give me the flowers now" at the moment. The principle that we leave all of the beautiful words and sentiments unsaid until a funeral is a tragic truth of our lives. Why wait until it's too late to share the love we have for our nearest and dearest?

I fully believe in telling people what they mean to you and these personalised gifts are a fun way of sharing that love!


Those tourist attracting blue plaques that commemorate significant locations make for a great personalised design. What better way to mark the legends in our lives than giving them their own blue plaque!? Choose your own wording and make your jewellery as soppy and sentimental, or humorous and insulting as you see fit! Available as necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks at the shop.


These are one of my absolutely favourite things to make! I love being sent children's paintings and drawings and turning them into truly memorable gifts that will be cherished!

Whatever medium your kids prefer I can transfer their work into bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. I can also add a message to their art to add to the personal touch. Whether your kids are at scribbling stage or prefer handprints in paint these make lovely gifts for mothers and grandmothers!


These designs are perfect for a nice, simple message. Tell your mum your love them or that they are amazing with these colourful and fun designs.


Another great way of getting your sentimental words across is with these custom made dictionary definitions. How would you describe your mum as a noun? If you are anything like me sometimes your love will manifest in playful mickey taking! My 'Feckin Eejit' earrings are some of my favourites!


A lot of my gifts are made with recycled books. I source some amazing vintage books from local charity shops and they make amazing source material for a range of products. Take quotes from your mums favourite book, notes from vintage sheet music or images from retro comics they love for a completely unique gift. I can have a whole range of jewellery as well as beautiful coasters available at the shop.

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